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Word Clouds

I’d like to share with you a very nice tool!

This website is called Wordle and it scrambles different words into very creative designs. What we commonly call as Word Clouds, now also famous through Facebook apps.

A colleague at work showed me the website and I find it very useful especially for my PowerPoint presentations.

As I’ve been working a lot with the concept of identity I remember this very creative video of an identity presentation.

Thinking about this video, I decided to present myself to you through Wordle, so you can have an idea about the tool.

Through easy steps you can create your own wordle or use some from the public gallery. By creating your own you have the option to change fonts, colors, layouts, etc. It is all based on the text you have posted. The words most commonly mentioned will appear in a bigger size, as you can see from my wordle below.

A few things you might want to know:

– When creating your own Wordle, if you don’t have the text ready, write it on a notepad and then just paste it to the website, cause sometimes the page expires.

– You can also upload your blog to get its wordle, instead of typing words (click here to see mine as of today)

– There are three ways of saving your creation. 1. Uploading it to a public gallery, and be careful if you are using personal info. 2. Printing it to pdf. 3. The most common way: printscreen and paste it.

As a jpg you can use this in presentations, emails, invitations, greeting cards, print words for scrapbooking, etc.

Use your imagination!