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The beginning II

Suddenly I realize there is a very important subject I didn’t include in my blog: technology.

How did I forget that? Girls are also interested in technology!

Let me start by how technology has become part of my life.

My father has graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has always been passionate by IT. My dad brought a computer home when nobody really understood the usability of that machine. One day he showed me THE INTERNET! I couldn’t understand how it worked. There was this big space where I should type some words (web address) to get the information I wanted, but I didn’t know what words to type. Then, the merchandising started and I could see web addresses in all kinds of media.

When I was 13 I got my first mobile. It didn’t take long for him to show the importance to have one, primarily because of security. But he probably already knew this was going to be a “must have” in the future.

After this period I’ve been from Terra chats and ICQ to e-mails, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… OMG, I’ve all kinds of web profiles and accounts. (Don’t know why it took so long to the blog!)

And nowadays, my best acquisition ever: my iPhone!

My iPhone is almost everything to me! I can do whatever I want at anytime. And I bought it especially because of the time I spend commuting to work, which I found unproductive. Then, my boyfriend has showed me many other possibilities with different apps and I’ve started playing games, editing photos, etc. And this is how I became a “casual geek”.

I cannot exclude the influence my current job has over my interest for technology (or the influence my interest has over my job). Anyway, I work on a multinational company, world leader in ERP software. I daily interact with all kinds of nerds and geeks. And I love it! I love this environment and I love to know what’s the latest in the IT business.

So now I’m going to update my blog identity and add technology to its essence. Together with the other topics this is what makes us even girlier.


The beginning

Há muito tempo eu tenho vontade de criar um blog sobre scrapbooking, para mostrar meus trabalhos e trocar idéias. Mas como eu tenho pouco tempo para fazer scrap, acabaria demorando para postar alguma novidade, o que me desmotivou de criar o blog.

Mas aí pensei que existem várias outras coisas que me motivariam. E eu só pensava em “girly stuff”: scrapbooking, cuidados com cabelo, unhas, pele, etc. Então é isso, vou criar um blog sobre diversas coisas que eu gosto. E aí posso mostrar que ser girly não é só gostar de beleza, scrap, mas também de viajar, fotografar; enfim, mais do que girly, um blog girlier.